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Cocurricular Internships

What is a Cocurricular Internship?

CDC defines a cocurricular internship as any type of carefully monitored work or service experience related to one’s major or career interest in which an individual has intentional career development goals, and with the employer, reflects actively upon what he or she is learning throughout the experience.

The cocurricular internship offers a degree of flexibility which may appeal to many UC students. These may or may not be paid opportunities, and they do not result in academic credit. However, these internships offer the opportunity to enhance professional skills and connect  "hands on experience"  with academic experiences in the classroom.  The University of Cincinnati Career Development Center (CDC) Internship Program helps students find out-of-the-classroom, practical experience, while gaining in-depth knowledge of the work place that most employers seek.  The CDC internship program is open to students of all majors. 

Why Choose a Cocurricular Internship?

Students should choose a cocurricular internship to gain real-world experience in areas of career interest.  The CDC Cocurricular Internship Program is designed to provide practical and comprehensive internship information, internship selections, and follow-up career counseling services that are available as early as freshman year.  It is not necessary to take time off from school to intern, as required with co-op.  Even though cocurricular internships are offered year round, you have the option to choose when you want to intern.  You may receive a stipend from your internship.  Additionally, cocurricular internships help you to establish an employer network that can lead to full-time employment in the future. 

Cocurricular Internship Action Plan

Identify the Type of Experience you Want

  • Type of employer
  • Location
  • For credit or non-credit
  • Part-time, full-time, or Summer

 Visit the Career Development Center

  • Make an appointment with the Cocurricular Internship Coordinator
  • Consider career-related part-time job
  • Review cocurricular internships for UC students listed on HireUC

Attend Presentations and Workshops

Prepare your Resume

Prepare your Cover Letter

Network for Cocurricular Internship Opportunities

  • Family and friends
  • Faculty and advisors
  • Student groups
  • Community organizations

Follow through with your Plan

  • Contact employers by phone
  • Watch for deadlines
Univeristy of Cincinnati Internships

Cocurricular Internship Month

February is Internship Month at the Career Development Center.  We have created a variety of programs and events that are targeted at assisting UC students in their cocurricular internhsip search.  Events include on-campus interviewing for cocurricular internships, professional workshops, video taped mock interviews, resume critique sessions, and the Spring Career Fair.

For a detailed list of activities, click here.

Have a Question?

Our Internship Coordinator, Arthur Walton, is available to assist you in your internship search.

  • Schedule an appointment by phone at (513) 556-3471.
  • Stop by the Career Development Center during walk-in hours.