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Mock Interview Attendance Policy

To ensure the benefit to students, the efficient use of employers’ time and the historical quality of the Videotaped Mock Interview Program, the following policies are being implemented:

Mock Interview Sign-up Procedures:

Mock Interviews will be held twice each semester.

Sign up each semester through Recruit a 'Cat.

If you are signed-up for an interview, arrive at least 5 min. before your scheduled appointment. Please have your resume ready to give to the facilitator.

If you must reschedule your appointment call within 24 hours prior to the day you are scheduled and any remaining open interview slots will be available to you.

If all scheduled slots are taken at the time you call to schedule or reschedule, contact Mike Barnes, 513-556-3471 and you will be placed on a waiting list to ensure that employers’ valuable time is used appropriately with no gaps in their schedules.

Emergencies (less than 3 days in advance of a scheduled interview):

In the event of serious illness, injury, or family emergency, (the same reason that would excuse one from a final exam or mid-term) you must notify Michael Barnes, at 513-556-3471 or email us at as soon as possible.

After you have notified the Career Development Center an apology letter, explaining why you could not attend the interview, must be sent by you to the employer. A copy of this letter must also be emailed to Kevin J. Hardy, Associate Director, at

Failure to comply with this policy will result in suspension from this service.


Being a “No-Show” is highly unprofessional and is disrespectful to employers. A letter of apology to the employer and a copy to the Associate Director is also required.

Students, who do not attend a scheduled interview and fail to communicate with the Associate Director or the CDC Receptionist, will be suspended from the Videotaped Mock Interview program in any given semester.


Privileges to utilize Video Mock Interviewing will be reinstated upon receipt of apology letter to the employer and a copy sent to the Associate Director.

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