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A resume is an efficient screening device for employers. The purpose of a resume is to obtain an interview. Think of a resume as an advertising brochure: highlighting your strong points and minimizing any limitations. It is your opportunity to give a potential employer a positive first impression. Top quality appearance is vital. The resume is a tool to showcase your skills, achievements, qualifications and personal qualities as they relate to the specific opportunity. Any imperfections (misspelled words, typos) can be used as reasons to remove you from the pool of candidates. See resume samples


The Curriculum Vitae—the “CV”—is the traditional resume for academics. It is also used in other professions like laboratory research and medicine. If you apply to graduate school or for an academic position, the CV format is the most familiar to those evaluating your application.  The CV is a complete account of all degrees, research and teaching positions, professional positions, achievements, publications, presentations, recognitions, collegiate activities, etc.  The CV is expected to include references. The length of the CV is open-ended; in fact, brevity is not usually desirable. The CV often contains more categories; experience may be divided into research and teaching.


A cover letter should always accompany a resume. It will be read first, so make it perfect. Be specific about the position in which you are interested and how you learned about the opening. Include concrete, current information about the organization; show that you have done your homework. Mention a specific detail about your experience to interest the
employer. Request an action and include your e-mail address and telephone number(s).

Optimal Resume

Offers a suite of software tools for showcasing your professional credentials: resume builder, cover letter, electronic portfolio, website for professional materials and video resume. 

Career Spots Videos

Video clips about resumes and cover letters, what students need to know before, during and after interviews and job search tips. 

Resume Writing Basics
What to put in a resume and how to handle references.

Tips for an Effective Resume
A set of quick tips from the pros at CDC! 

Resume Samples
Here are 23 sample resumes for a variety of majors in chronological and functional formats. 

Format for a Chronological Resume
A plan for setting up a resume in time order.

Format for a Functional Resume
A resume style that emphasizes what you've accomplished instead of when you actually accomplished it.

International Resume
Here are some how-to sites for designing resumes for seeking jobs abroad.

Resume Objective Samples

Action Words for Listing Skills and Accomplishments
This is a great list of attention grabbing verbs related to resume writing.

Emailing a Resume
How to create a format that easily allows you to email your resume.

How to Write a Curriculum Vitae

How to Write a Cover Letter

How to Write a Thank You Letter