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Action Words

This a great list of verbs related to resume writing!

This list of action verbs will guide you in listing your accomplishments and skills on your resume. 
They are divided into five sections for easy reference.  Use those that accurately describe your duties.


devised developed examined discovered evaluated
designed organized investigated appraised estimated
planned analyzed studied measured solved
created produced originated interpreted determined
revamped prepared researched reviewed  identified


operated managed guided supervised governed
commanded controlled regulated directed oversaw
designated coordinated adapted eliminated transferred
maintained awarded authorized vetoed removed
conducted founded headed instituted navigated


motivated generated utilized employed administered
rectified restored repaired reorganized approved
observed demonstrated disclosed published notified
produced improved built formulated increased
expanded extended augmented supplemented condensed
curtailed reduced minimized converted exchanged
replaced conceived authored strengthened activated
unified combined merged consolidated updated
modernized altered modified transformed balanced
established stabilized discontinued assembled computed
estimated inventoried surpassed simplified grouped
distributed classified terminated initiated introduced
economized obtained procured collected assumed
attached exchanged invested sponsored expedited
attained executed achieved dispatched selected
compounded completed wrote implemented arranged
presented invented performed accelerated  


disclosed informed communicated taught instructed
educated serviced processed trained lectured
endorsed guaranteed accommodated aided assisted
prepared provided constructed tested translated
installed received delivered sold purchased
audited dispensed represented ordered interviewed
logged supplied conserved routed corresponded


conferred consulted publicized notified advised
reported advertised informed demonstrated displayed
exhibited illustrated advocated counseled instructed
acquainted recommended suggested familiarized disproved
detected criticized referred diagnosed edited
protected arbitrated prescribed encouraged