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Chronological Resume

A plan for setting up a resume in time order.

Chronological Resume Format -

List information/dates in reverse (most recent first) chronological order.

1.  HEADING: How should an employer contact you?

  • Your full name, centered at top of page, bold, 14pt. -16pt. font size (no titles or nicknames)
  • Your address (permanent and/or school), cell phone number
  • Your email address (professional - if its humorous, offbeat or trendy - don’t use it!)
  • Your website (if used to showcase work samples, videos, etc.)

2.  CAREER OBJECTIVE: What are your specific qualifications for this position?

  • Concise one or two sentence statement of qualifications
  • State position (capitalize) you are pursuing, industry or setting (healthcare, financial, etc.)
  • State top three relevant skills, knowledge of…, expertise in…
  • Long-term goal regarding relevant advancement (optional)

3.  EDUCATION: What are your academic qualifications? Where were you trained?  

  • University or institution (s) attended, city and state (list each separately)
  • Degree(s) earned and year(s) granted (don’t abbreviate)
  • GPA (if above a 3.0), Dean’s List (if applicable)
  • Minor, Certificates (if applicable)
  • Study Abroad or Travel experience (institutions, countries, dates)
  • Relevant Coursework (significant courses, independent study, capstone, thesis, dissertation)
  • High School, City and State, dates (include only if a college Freshman or Sophomore)

4.  WORK EXPERIENCE: What relevant work experience have you had?  

  • Job title (bold)
  • Company/Organization Name, City and State, dates of employment
  • Bullet then action verb, key words describing accomplishments and demonstrated skills using succinct (phrase, no periods), quantify (increased sales 30%), qualify (adjectives, adverbs) 

Full-time employment, professional experience

Part-time, temporary or seasonal employment

Internships, practicum, co-ops, volunteer work

5.  TECHNICAL SKILLS: What are your technology skills?  

  • Computer operating systems, computer language, other technical or equipment training
  • Software applications including version of program proficiencies

6.  HONORS, ACTIVITIES, LEADERSHIP: How have you been recognized?

  • Awards, Membership in Honorary Societies, Affiliations, Leadership 
  • Community activities and involvement (role you played, dates
  • College organizations and activities (offices held, dates)
  • Interests and hobbies (if applicable)


SUMMARY: What are some distinguishing factors about you?  Use only when applicable - see Career Coach.

Personal attributes, work ethics (adaptable, attention to detail, meets deadlines, good listener)

Foreign language proficiencies (if applicable)

Discoveries, inventions, patents credited to you

Licensure, certifications, specialized training (received or given)

Percentage of educational costs you were responsible for while attending school (if applicable)