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Emailing a Resume

Because most employers and recruiters use robust computer virus protection, they feel secure receiving
resumes as attachments to email. Many like getting an attached resume in MS Word because it allows the
employer to:

View the resume in a format in which the job seeker may have used various font sizes, bold, italics, indents,
and other word processing features to make information easy to read.

File the resume on his or her hard drive for future reference.

Print the resume.

Enter the resume into a database system.

Many employers like to see the resume in the body of the email, in addition to having the resume attached to
the email. This makes it easy for the employer to take a quick peek at the applicant’s qualifications and then
decide whether or not to open the attached resume.

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a resume specifically formatted for insertion
into the body of an email.

MS Word 2007

Open your resume document in MS Word.

Click the Office button, select Save As, and choose Other Formats.

A window will appear on your screen. Type in a new name in the File Name field, such as “ResPlainText.”

In the Save As Type pull-down menu, select “Plain Text (*.txt).”

Click Save.

A File Conversion window will pop up, Click OK and do not change any of the settings.