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How To Write A Cover Letter

Format and content:     


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Mr./Ms. __________, Title
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Dear Mr./Ms. __________:

Paragraph #1: Statement of Interest
Express your employment interest in the position for which you are applying and mention how you heard about the
opening.  In this introductory paragraph generate reader interest by mentioning a personal contact or specific company

Paragraph #2: Background Summary & Value-Selling Paragraph
Provide a synopsis of your relevant education and experience.  Do not simply list what is covered in your resume, but
do convey to the employer that you have the appropriate training and education to support the position for which you
are applying.  In this paragraph, incorporate statements addressing the value you can bring to the hiring organization. 
Focus on the real needs of the employer as you explain why you are qualified for the position.  Mention specific
qualifications, experiences, or achievements you have that will be pertinent to the position.

Paragraph #3: The Call for Action & Statement of Appreciation
Include a statement that encourages a specific response.  Express interest in an interview and tell the employer how
you can be reached.  Wherever possible, you should take the initiative and indicate to the employer that you intend to
take action by calling to determine interest and, if appropriate, to arrange for an interview.  Close the letter with a simple
statement of appreciation for the employer's time in reviewing and considering your credentials.



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*A resume should always be accompanied by a cover letter.

*Keep your cover letter short & to the point; pay special attention to neatness & appearance.

*Make your cover letter "employer focused" rather than "job searcher focused".

*Each letter should be prepared individually; the use of form letters is not advised.

*Address letters to the individual directly involved in interviewing candidates; by name, when possible.