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How to Write A Curriculum Vitae


Primarily for academic, education, scientific or research positions, fellowships, grants or overseas employment –
A synopsis of your background, academically and professionally

1.     Heading: (same as chronological format)

  • Overseas employers may expect to read personal information such as date of birth, nationality and place
    of birth and a picture of you.

 2.     Education: (same as chronological format) Include areas of specialization

  • More detailed, longer than a resume (3 to 20+ pgs,)

3.      Honors, Awards, Fellowships

4.      Faculty Appointments & Teaching Experience (City and State for each institution), dates

5.      Relevant Academic Experience

  • A synopsis of your educational skills
  • Created XYZ models
  • Operated (equipment, etc.)
  • Collaborative research

      Suggested Categories:

6.    Exhibitions and Screenings

7.    Publications and Research

8.    Conferences and Symposia

9.    Collections and Exhibitions

  • Detailed list of all your accomplishments (dates, locations, collaborative partners, etc.)
  • Organize information into categories
  • Include dates on all the publications you have written, presentations done, exhibitions, patents held,
    published works of music, etc