Finding Your Why

70% of grads will leave their first job in about a year costing companies on average $100,000 (or 2.5x the employees salary.  How do you get students to stay? This session will help employers understand the student’s motivations and how to help them connect to their position. Students are looking for careers doing something they love, but upon graduation, some students will find that working in a major is very different than studying that major in school.  When this happens, students become disenfranchised with the company and look for a different job. Without a strategy in place, companies will lose young talent. During our time we will explore the value of mentorship, best practices for engaging students, and discuss tips for retaining students. Discovering a student’s motivation and taking a leadership role in helping the student find a natural fit is crucial for getting their best work and ultimately retaining them.  This presentation will give employers a better understanding of how to assist a student in finding their why and focusing on that purpose daily.


Matthew M. Thomas

Topic: Finding Your Why  

Matthew is a passionate learning & development professional with 15+ years of experience helping grow people to grow organizations. His experiences comes from the manufacturing, construction, and pharmaceutical industries where he creates learning and development strategies that create a culture of people growth for company success. He focuses on organizational development through the design of behavioral based competency development trainings, curriculums, and strategies that drive complete employee life cycle success.

He is also a very active member in the community. He holds board positions on Junior Achievement of Greater Cincinnati and Xavier University’s Executive Mentor Advisory Board. Along with his board positions, he teaches economics at Loveland High School as a Junior Achievement Business Consultant, and mentors six Xavier University students.