Future of Work

What is glaringly absent from the prevailing discussion on Millennials?...Well the voice of Millennials, mostly. Join representatives from BHDP Architecture and the University of Cincinnati as they represent work completed in partnership with undergraduate students who took on questions like: How does your employer address your passions? Can you find fulfillment in your work? How does the way we work today impact the way work gets done tomorrow? Can personal values deliver business value? And, can’t you just do work anywhere?

This is an opportunity to better understand the voice of the next generation workforce, as they share their experiences, make connections with their peers, and develop organizational strategies for attracting next generation talent. This case study is a continuation to examine the fundamental workplace questions at the heart of the fast-approaching Millennial shift, when over 50% of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advance your understanding of the value shifts at the center of the Millennial discussion.
  • Articulate organizational approaches that appeal to Millennial preferences in the workplace.
  • Develop Workplace strategies to direct Millennial preferences into organizational outcomes.

Aaron Bradley

Topic: The Future of Work - Workplace Culture

Aaron is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education at the University of Cincinnati. With a focus in the creative sector, Aaron teaches courses in professional and personal brand identity development, professional practice, and collaborative design thinking studios, in addition to leading the development of a cooperative education program for students in interdisciplinary fine arts majors. His passion for boundary stretching and program development has lead the creation and instruction of new courses and a variety of unique collaborations with industry partners.

Prior to working in Higher Education, Aaron's career included the development and instruction of a college-prep business management and marketing program for high schools in Ohio, marketing and program direction for non-profit organizations, and a stint in Nashville as a professional musician, producer, and performance coach – a pursuit he continues to enjoy when not working his “day job”. Along with music, art, and design, he also enjoys adventure sports and travel, motorcycles, and coffee snobbery.


Dominic Iacobucci

Topic: The Future of Work - Workplace Culture

Dominic is a Client Leader/Strategist/Owner for BHDP’s Workplace Team. His leadership skills, research capabilities and strategic influence have allowed him to satisfy many of the firm’s key clients including Procter & Gamble, Dow Chemical, Iron Mountain and the GSA. His strategic logical thought process gives him an edge in defining and solving complex programming scenarios, working through process centric space solutions, and creating guidelines to define space. Dominic has also been a leader at BHDP in expanding business globally. His dedication to his clients have allowed him to successfully manage multiple projects with complex cultural, communication, regional, and schedule challenges.


Cindy Damschroder

Topic: The Future of Work - Workplace Culture

In working with the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education, Cindy facilitates placement of the Interior Design students into their co-op jobs on alternating semester appointments. Her instructional background has been focused primarily on first and second year learning in the undergraduate environment and how successful learning modules and assessments can ultimately lead to better student engagement and overall learning and retention of material that is applicable for post-collegiate application.

Cindy is a passionate advisor and educator that places students at the center of their educational goals. She strives to create an experiential environment that engages the student, helps them to feel personally invested in their learning, and often offers advice and counseling to those students looking to define themselves within a large-scale university environment.