ReCON: Peer to Peer Mentoring

ReCON stands for Research & Creative Opportunities Network. This student-run group partners undergraduates seeking research experience in any major with fellow undergraduates already involved with research at UC or a neighboring institution (e.g., Children's Hospital, EPA).

ReCON mentors help new students become more familiar with the culture of research at a university. Through one-on-one shadowing or tours, mentors help new students network with potential faculty mentors and help them develop a working understanding of what it's like to be an undergraduate researcher. Mentors also help their mentees develop professional resumes and CVs along with their personal research interests. Most importantly, ReCON mentors provide their mentees with a social vibrancy and open dialogue that is so vital to the success of peer mentor programs. ReCON mentors are more than just peer instructors; they become dependable colleagues, trusted advisors, and friends.

ReCON mentors participate in a variety of activities related to helping students better understand the opportunities available to them at UC, nationally and abroad. New ReCON mentors receive mentor training through ELCE and become active participants in the administration and evolution of the program.

Benefits of the ReCON Mentor Program:

  • Opportunity to Teach Workshops
  • Boosts your CV
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Featured on the Webpage
  • Positively Impact Students
  • ReCON T-Shirts

Member Responsibilities:

  • Being paired with students of similar interests 
  • Allowing students to periodically shadow you
  • Helping students network with faculty you're acquainted with
  • Veteran mentors will help teach the Ready for Research Workshops
  • Attend monthly ReCON meetings

Mentor Requirements*:

  • Must be a current undergraduate student at UC
  • Applicants must have a G.P.A. of 3.0 or above
  • Applicants must be currently or have been previously involved in any type of faculty mentored research, scholarly or creative project
  • Must be willing to spend approximately 2 - 4 hours per week on ReCON mentoring, depending on the number of mentees you choose to mentor
  • Must complete basic training prior to mentoring

*ReCON members are categorized as either Mentees or Mentors; participation in ReCON is open to all students, regardless of discipline, or experience. ReCON mentors, however, are upper-level members of ReCON and must meet stricter requirements if they are to be selected to become mentors.

Red Line

Students who successfully complete our Ready for Research Workshop are eligible to join ReCON and begin the Mentorship Process:

The ReCON Mentorship Program consists of 3-4 short meetings between a student and their ReCON Mentor.

Meeting 1: Student Action Plan (30-60 mins)

At this time, the mentee and mentor will develop and individualized plan to address gaps in the student's research portfolio and discuss the research interests of the mentee.

Meeting 2: Shadowing (30-60 mins)

This meeting is designed to prepare mentees to meet with research professionals in their field of interest. The mentee will accompany their mentor to his/her lab where they will see what it's like doing research as an undergraduate and, potentially, do some networking.

Meeting 3: Department/Major Networking (60 mins)

The ReCON Mentor will plan ahead for this meeting by contacting members of the student's department to schedule tours of labs, meet faculty, sit in on a lab meeting and /or get involved with a club or organization in that student's department or major.

Meeting 4: Resume/CV Development (30-60 mins)

During this meeting students will have the opportunity to sit down with their ReCON mentor and either:

1) turn an exisiting resume into a working CV

2) update an old CV to an improved CV or

3) build a CV from scratch

Final Step: Request a Letter of Recommendation

The ReCON Mentor will help the student build a personalized Action Plan of prioritized Steps for the student to follow to help them attain a placement.

After the student completes both the Ready for Research Workshop and the ReCON program, the ReCON Mentor will notify the ELCE Office and the student will be provided with a link to submit a request for a Letter of Recommendation.