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Student Information System Replacement Project

The Student Information System serves as a backbone to the $1 billion a year academic operation here at the University of Cincinnati. As the main tool responsible for supporting all student services, UC felt it was not only time to make a change to its homegrown system, but to replace the system entirely.

Students begin to interact with the SIS the moment they become interested in UC, as prospects and applicants to the university. It becomes vital as they work towards their degree, but stays relevant even to alumni for requesting transcripts or continuing their education.

UC's primary mission is to provide its students with the best education and experience possible, whenever and whevever. In order to achieve this objective and reach our third-century goals, the time to begin this mission is now.

This process is a journey, and we would like you to come along with us. Ask questions and stay involved! Information, events, news and more are only a click away, so stay tuned as our system transforms into one that will better serve you.

Key Term of the Week

Course Offering Nbr - Each college at UC will have their own offering of a course if the course is shared across colleges. For example, Offering Nbr 15 will always be for courses that are offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.