Subject Matter Experts


Questions about a specific business process in Catalyst? Below is a listing of our subject matter experts by module for all things Catalyst.


Academic Advising
Name Title Area of Expertise Phone Email
William "Chad" Wells Director Degree Audit (513) 556-9916
Scott Steger Director Credit Evaluation (513) 556-1080
Kristan Metz Assistant Director Student Affairs Allied Health Sciences Advising -
Matt Pickett Sr Academic Adviser Arts and Sciences - Center for Exploratory Studies Advising -
Brittany Miller Academic Advisor Arts and Sciences - Declared Advising -
Alison Wright Associate Director Carl H. Lindner College of Business Advising -
Kaci Kortis Assistant Director, Advising Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success - Advising -
Denise Ellis Assistant Director, Starfish Program Manager Center for Pathways Advising & Student Success - Starfish -
Deborah Gray Assistant Director, Office of Student Affairs College of Nursing Advising -
Cassi Frank Sr Academic Adviser
Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Advising -
Gretchen Hart Director of Academic Advising Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services Advising -
Stephanie Knox Academic Adviser Engineering and Applied Science Advising -
Mark Miller Director of Academic Advising UC Blue Ash Advising -
Craig Beesten Academic Advisor UC Clermont Advising -
Ashley Webber Assistant Director & Academic Advisor University Honors Program Advising
Name Title Area of Expertise Phone Email
Ken Wolterman
Bursar   (513) 556-5575
Nicole Morgan
Associate Bursar
Operations (513) 556-4275
Janet Pope Assistant Director - Processing Item Type Set Up, Third-Party Billing (513) 556-4257
Bill Mullane Assistant Director - Reconciliation Refunding, Return of Title IV Aid (513) 556-0132
Debora Jones Associate Bursar Collections, Enrollment Cancellation, Late Fees (513) 556-1620
Teresa Schmidt Associate Director Collections, Enrollment Cancellation (513) 556-5032
Financial Aid
Name Title Area of Expertise Phone Email
Leigh Jackson
Director - Compliance and Processing Federal aid, Compliance, Aid Processing (513) 556-3076
Randy J. Ulses
Director - Scholarships and Enrollment Institutional Aid, Student Service, Scholarship Coordination, Athletic Aid (513) 556-3511
Jonathan Barber Academic Researcher Data Issues (513) 556-6993
Clark Beck Assistant Director - Systems Federal Aid Systems (513) 556-1597
Lisa Burke Assistant Director - Federal and State Programs Regulations, Federal Programs, State Programs, Loan Processing (513) 556-3514
Paul Calme Assistant Director - Scholarships Cincinnatus, University Scholarships, College Award Processing (513) 556-6982
Dustin Grannis Assistant Director - Processing Federal Application Processing, Verification, Awards (513) 556-6990
Viola (Kitty) Heard Assistant Director - Non-Traditional Programs Online Programs, Study Abroad, Federal Work-Study, Consortium Agreements (513) 556-6985
Erica Henry Assistant Director - Enrollment Relations Student Issues, Presentations, Academic Progress, Cincinnati Pride Grant, Special Circumstance (513) 556-6988
Name Title Area of Expertise Phone Email
Douglas Burgess
Assistant Vice President and University Registrar   (513) 556-9930
Frances Meyer
Senior Associate Registrar HEI Reporting (513) 556-5194
Ann Latham Associate Registrar Ohio Residency, Registration, Enrollment/Degree Verification (513) 556-6817
Molly McDermott Associate Registrar Student Records Creation, Graduation, Diplomas, Grading (513) 556-2191
Matt Barrett Assistant Registrar Classroom Scheduling, Space, Schedule of Classes (513) 556-8460
Pam Thomas Assistant Registrar Grade Replacement, Transcripts (513) 556-9902
Heather Wischer Assistant Registrar Registration, GCCCU, Enrollment/Degree Verification (513) 556-9925
Undergraduate Admissions
Name Title Area of Expertise Phone Email
Thomas Canepa
Associate Vice President   (513) 556-2495
Alicia Kornowa
Director - Admissions Recruitment Domestic Student Recruitment, Marketing/Communications, Yield Activities, System Access, Training (513) 556-2411
David McGinnis Director - Admissions Operations Application Structure, Technology (513) 556-1097
Elaine Gatch Coordinator - Service Center Application Processing (513) 556-1088
Ashleigh Sallee Assistant Director Application Processing, Decision Release (513) 556-2049
Lindsey Hofmeyer Assistant Director Daily Visits, Tours (513) 556-2195
Melissa Baer Associate Director for Recruitment Large Campus Events (513) 556-2306
Abby Retallick Assistant Director Application Review (513) 556-1095
Charles Schwartz Associate Director for International Admissions International Freshmen (513) 556-0007
Jason Chambers Assistant Director International Transfers (513) 556-1086