Access Descriptions

What can you request access to in Catalyst? Find out below!

Academic Advising Expand

  • Advisor: A full-time advisor or senior advisor; the primary advisor assigned to students within your college; a director of advising, asst./assoc. director of advising, or other advising administrator
  • Advisor 2: A faculty or academic department advisor (not the primary college advisor); a specialized advisor (not the primary advisor)
  • Support Staff: An advising office staff support role with responsibility to view/update student information
  • Updating Transfer Credit Evaluation Information (Home Office and College Reviewers Only): Staff who update transfer credit evaluation information



Admissions Expand

  • Application Entry: Adding new applications
  • Application Maintenance: Reviewing, denying, accepting and canceling applications
  • Viewing Applicant Summaries: Viewing applicant information with no update capabilities



Campus Community Expand

  • Viewing/Assigning/Releasing Service Indicators (Home Office Only): Service Indicators in Catalyst are similar to holds/blocks in UniverSIS
  • Athletic Participation: Viewing and/or entering athletic participation



Financial Aid Expand

  • Viewing Financial Aid: General view-level understanding of where to find financial aid data
  • Managing Financial Aid/Professional Judgment and Verification (Home Office Only): Viewing and manually updating financial aid term; creating budgets and assigning items to a budget; packaging and repackaging financial aid; and accepting and declining awards
  • Entering Departmental Awards
  • Entering International Awards



Student Financials/Bursar Expand

  • Student Financials/Bursar (Home Office)
  • Student Financials/Bursar (One Stop)
  • Student Financials/Bursar (Colleges)
  • Posting Student Transactions: Posting a charge or credit to a student account
  • Third Party Contracts and Scholarships: UC works with organizations who sponsor students through Prepaid Scholarships or Invoicing. This will examine how to setup these organizations and sponsor agreements within Catalyst. Limited to end users in the Bursar's Operations Department



Student Records/Registrar Expand

  • Class Ordering: Scheduling new courses for an academic term
  • Records and Enrollment (Colleges): Access to maintain a student's career, program, plan (CPP) stack; view term activation; view and maintain student groups; assign class permissions; view enrollment requests; view grade change audit; view honors and awards (Dean's List); and view student degrees
  • Records and Enrollment (Home Office/Registration Sites/One Stop): Access to validate and change residency; term activate a student; use the quick admit function for non-matriculated students; use the quick enroll function to add/drop classes; complete grade replacement process; view honors and awards; and view academic standing
  • Records and Enrollment (View Only): Access to view and print class rosters and view enrollment requirement groups, instructor schedules, instructor-advisor table, student grades and term history
  • Assigning Class Permissions: Assigning a class permission to a specific student for a class section