Current and Prospective Students

Web-based 24/7 access

Web-based, 24/7 access through multiple devices.

Catalyst Tips and Tricks

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Easy to navigate self-service enviornment

Easy to navigate self-service environment.


What is Catalyst?

Picture the Catalyst portal like a house. Unlock the front door with your 6+2 and password, and inside you’ll find rooms filled with many of the student functions found on the One Stop website, including:

  • Searching for classes
  • Adding/dropping classes
  • Viewing class schedules, instructors and locations
  • Viewing grades
  • Monitoring progress against a degree plan
  • Viewing account balances/paying bills
  • Managing financial aid

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What's new?

With a new student portal comes new features! Take a look at the some of the functionality Catalyst will offer:

Catalyst Feature Changes
Catalyst Feature What's Changing?

24/7 Availability

Unlike in the current system, there will be no more blackout periods except during scheduled system maintenance periods.

Class Registration

It will no longer be necessary for you to copy and paste a class Call Number from one page to another when registering for classes.

Enrollment Shopping Cart

Add classes you’re interested in taking next semester to your shopping cart so you’re ready to register when the time comes! (Feature available mid-March)

Mobile Enablement

The Catalyst portal will be accessible through multiple devices.

Preferred Name

You can add a preferred name in Catalyst, meaning class and grade rosters will accurately reflect how you would like to be addressed.


How do you get help?

Keep checking the Catalyst website to learn more about training and help options. These may include:

Quick Tutorials

Quick Tutorials

How-to Guides

How-to Guides

One Stop Center

One Stop Center

UC IT Technical Help

UC IT Help Desk



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