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Weekly Service Update

The Weekly Service Update is the single strongest resource for the University of Cincinnati community to learn of upcoming service and volunteer opportunities. Over 9,000 people subscribe to the Weekly Service Update to receive timely service opportunities in their inboxes! It is for current volunteer needs, including short-term or one-time events.

Community Partner Access

On a typical week, the Weekly Service Update is updated and sent out on Wednesday. To request that your event or opportunity be added to the Weekly Service Update send an email to in the following general format:

Opportunity Title: Month Day

Your organization and it's cause, mission statement, or brief description of why you need volunteers.
When: volunteers need to commit, multiple shifts are welcome as well.
Where: Street address, Zip Code, physical address where volunteers can meet.
Volunteer Tasks: What will volunteers be doing?
Volunteer Perks: Sometimes organizations offer food, t-shirts, or other perks to volunteers.
Contact: Contact's name, email address, phone number.

Is your Organization on UGIVE.ORG? UGIVE.ORG is a non-profit organization on a mission to catalyze, excite and empower the next generation of volunteers. UC offers the UGIVE.ORG platform to college student volunteers through UC.UGIVE.ORG. Your non-profit organization can sign up for this free volunteer management service through UGIVE.ORG, create volunteer events, and market them specifically to college student. Visit UGIVE.ORG for more informaiton.

See for yourself. Take a look at the current Weekly Service Update to see the format and how others utilize this resource.

We Ask for Feedback. After the event is over, please send information about student participation (how many students participated, what they did, any feedback or photos you’d like to share) using the Agency Feedback Form.