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Community Work Study

Federal Work Study Students from UC can work for non-profit organizations in a variety of capacities.  Nonprofits set the salary and pay only 25%.  The FWS program pays the remaining balance.

Federal Work Study Program

  • provides undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to work part-time to help pay for the cost of their education.
  • is available for students that have financial need
  • supports nonprofit organizations by mandating that a minimum of 7% of the total allocation be spent on job opportunities in the nonprofit sector

The federally-supported Community Work Study Program at UC is administered by the Financial Aid Office in partnership with the Center for Community Engagement, and allows students to undertake public service work in the community. The goal of this program is to provide students with a meaningful service and learning experience relevant to their interests while supporting and enhancing the work of non-profit organizations. This program is available during the academic year as well as during the summer.

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Benefits to Community Organizations

  • Affordable employees for longer period of time than traditional volunteers or service-learning student
  • Federal Work Study students can play both direct service and coordination (of other students/volunteers) and direct service roles.
  • Access to students and faculty with needed knowledge and skills

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