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MelodyMates is a music mentoring pilot program that began Spring Quarter 2012. The program leverages the talent and passion of College Conservatory of Music (CCM) students to make a positive impact on Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) students. Through this innovative program, CCM mentors inspire CPS students who are musically gifted to achieve their full potential in and out of the recital hall. MelodyMates pairs UC students with talented CPS musicians that lack the resources to further their musical education outside of limited opportunities in the school. Each mentoring pair shares a common instrument, engages in private lessons, and has traveled as a group to CCM events, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra events, and Buddy Rogers Music.

Each mentoring pair played a selection in the Concert of Duets on May 21, 2012. With the help of Buddy Rogers and the L.I.N.K.S. program each CPS student received their very own instrument which they played in concert and now own.

MelodyMates supported by the University of Cincinnati's Center for Community Engagement, College Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati Public Schools and Buddy Rogers Music.

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The Spring 2012 MelodyMates mentors.

MelodyMates is the newest pilot program at the Center for Community Engagement. MelodyMates music mentoring program is a partnership between CCM, Buddy Rogers Music and Cincinnati Public Schools. During the pilot program that takes place Spring Quarter of 2012, The Center for Community Engagement will pair 6 UC students with 6 students from Roberts Elemantry School in Price Hill. 

If MelodyMates seems like the program for you, please consider applying for the 2012-2013 school year. For more information contact the Center for Community Engagement,, 513-556-1559.