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Current Bearcat Buddies Tutors

This page provides information for current Bearcat Buddies tutors, and newly registered tutors.

Fall Semester Sessions

The 2014 Fall Semester Tutoring Schedule is a PDF file which includes a list of all tutoring sessions. You can download these resources on this page.

2014 - 2015 School Calendar

For planning purposes, you can take a look at the Cincinnati Public Schools calendar HERE.


All tutors, including returning tutors, are required to attend a Fall training session. Training options:

  • Wednesday, September 10 at 4:00p or
  • Thursday, September 11 at 4:00p.

Both trainings will be held in McMicken Hall room 127

For returning tutors, we need to update you paperwork for the new academic year and train you on a new tracking component from the school district. So even if you've been a tutor in the past, we still need you to attend one of the two training sessions being offered.


Every tutor must complete a background check once per year. Every tutor must complete a volunteer agreement each semester. Background check forms and volunteer agreements will be available at training each semester.

If you have not turned in a background check form and/or volunteer agreement by September 12, 2014 you can obtain a copy of those forms from the Bearcat Buddies van driver during your first session, or download and print a copy below.

What to Expect

  • Most tutors' first visit to their school will include going into your students' classroom, and working directly with the entire class and teacher. This will help you get a feel for the students, and make a connection to the teacher.
  • Most tutors' first session will also involve a brief orientation to the school building, and answering any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Your first tutoring session will most likely be on your second visit to your school. This first tutoring session will involve getting to know your student, building a relationship, and setting mutual expectations (rules). Take a look at the First Session Checklist on this page for details.

Snow Days and Road Conditions

Tutoring sessions may be canceled due to road conditions. While we hope unforseen cancelations are minimized, sessions may be canceled in the interest of safety. Please check local news sources for information regarding school closings and delays.

  • If Cincinnati Public Schools are closed, tutoring will be canceled.
  • If the University of Cincinnati is closed, tutoring will be canceled.
  • If Cincinnati Public Schools are on a delay, morning tutoring sessions will be canceled.

Super Saturdays in March and April

Volunteer as a tutor at Rees E. Price Academy on Saturdays in March and April! Super Saturdays tutors will work with students in grades 3 - 6 in reading and math. Volunteers meet at McMicken Circle (just west of University Pavlion near the fountain) at 8:30a and travel to Rees E. Price Academy together. Tutoring begins at 9:00a at the school. Reading and math will be the major focus of the day, and there will be a break for lunch. Lunch and transportation are provided!

CAHS Freshman students must complete at least one Super Saturday to fulfill their Service Learning requirement.

Focus Groups

Cincinnati Public Schools will be closed for their spring break. Instead of tuturing that week, Bearcat Buddies tutors will meet at the Center for Community Engagement during their regularly scheduled tutoring time to engage in conversations about their service experience, and brainstorm about how they can improve the program, and increase the collective impact on the community.