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Center for Criminal Justice Research

Grad Publications

Snyder, Jamie A., Scherer, Heidi L., and Fisher, Bonnie S. (Forthcoming).  “Social Organization and Social Ties: Their Effects on Sexual Harassment Victimization in the Workplace”. WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation. 

Swartz, Kristin, Reyns, Bradford  W., HensonBilly, and Wilcox, Pamela.  Forthcoming. Interrelationships among victimization, risk and fear at school:  A gendered, developmental, and contextual perspective. Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice.

Tillyer, Marie Skubak , Wilcox, Pamela , and Gialopso, Brooke Miller.  Forthcoming.  Adolescent school-based sexual victimization: Exploring the role of opportunity in a gender-specific multilevel analysis.  Journal of Criminal Justice.

Vaske, Jamie,Newsome, Jamie, and Wright, John "Interaction of 5HTTLPR and Childhood Neglect on Criminal Behavior and Substance Use for Males and Females" (forthcoming), Development and Psychopathology.

Henson, Billy, Wilcox, Pamela, Reyns, Bradford W., and Cullen, Francis T. (2010)    “Gender, Adolescent Lifestyles, and Violent Victimization: Implications for Routine Activity.”  Violence and Victims 5 (No. 4):303-328.