From I-74

(1)  Take I-74 east to I-75 south.


From I-71 traveling north from Kentucky

(1) Take I-71 north until it merges with

(2) Stay on I-75 after you cross
     the Ohio River.

Now follow the directions below ('From I-75').

From I-75

  1. Take the Hopple Street exit (Exit 3). (Hopple Street exits from the left lane.)
  2. Turn left off the exit on to Hopple Street.
  3. Turn slight left, up the hill, to cross the first intersection (Central Parkway). Hopple Street becomes Martin Luther King Drive.
  4. After 1.4 miles turn right onto Jefferson (the 6th light on Martin Luther King Drive).
  5. After 0.4 miles on Jefferson turn right on to Corry St. (2nd light).
  6. Edwards Center will be on your left.
  7. To the right of Edwards Center is the Corry parking garage, where visitors can park

From I-71 traveling south

(1)  Take the Taft Road exit (Exit 3).

From US 50 traveling west

(1) From US 50 west, turn right on Taft Road.

Now follow the directions below.

  1. Taft Road is a one-way street heading west, which becomes Calhoun Street as you near campus.
  2. Turn right on Jefferson Avenue (from a separate right turn lane) at the 5th light on Taft Road. Immediately merge into the left lane.
  3. Turn left on to Corry St at the first light.
  4. The Ewards Center will be on your left.