Welcome! Thanks for your interest in working with the Children’s Cognitive Research Lab (CCRL). Several opportunities are available throughout the year, and we are always open to custom-design the opportunity that works best for you.

We are committed to improving the learning experiences of children. For this reason, we volunteer our time to work with schools and non-profit organizations. There are no paid positions on this site.


A.C.T Facilitator (Field Practicum)

Join us to make a difference in children’s lives.  A.C.T is an enrichment program that emphasizes child-guided math practice in a positive environment. We combine technology with the presence of adult facilitators to help children increase their math proficiency. Experiences are designed to provide you with insights into children’s learning and prepare you for working with the community. A minimum of one semester (3 hours per week) is required. If you are interested, check out more information about our partners.

A.C.T Teaching Fellow (UC Honors Experience)

This experience involves a multi-disciplinary cohort of individuals committed to activism, leadership and improving the lives of children faced with homelessness. We partner with the non-profit UpSpring to offer math enrichment for children attending a summer camp. Experiences are designed to support your leadership skills and provide you with insights into learning and teaching. A minimum of 50 hours over the summer is required (plus training). If you are interested, check out the current events.

Research Assistant (Research Practicum):

Research assistants are invited to contributed to various aspects of the research process, including preparing materials, recruiting participants, collecting and analyzing data, and disseminating our findings. Experiences are designed to provide you with insights into developmental research, prepare you for becoming an independent researcher, and increase your chances for graduate school. Time commitment is two semesters (6 hours per week). Our lab meets Fridays 10-11AM. Outside of lab meeting, hours can be scheduled flexibly.

Research Associate (Advanced Research Practicum)

This is an opportunity to contribute to our studies in a leadership role. It involves leading a team of volunteers to complete a CCRL research project. To be eligible, you need to have completed two semesters as CCRL research assistant.

Research Coordinator (Senior Thesis)

In this position, you will oversee a research project in its entirety. This involves deciding on the research question and the methodology, as well as overseeing all research activities related to this project. Your results will be posted as part of our studies. To be eligible, you need to have completed two semesters as CCRL research assistant.

What to expect:

The Children’s Cognitive Research Lab includes about 30 volunteers from psychology and related fields. We study children’s learning of math, science, and reading. Our lab has a special interest in community outreach and understanding the mind. You have a choice in what you like to get involved in, and how you schedule your time. You also can decide if you like to lead or support a team of volunteers. We will establish a learning contract that describes what exactly you will be working on.

How to apply:

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please fill out an application and send your résumé, CV, or personal statement to Dr. Heidi Kloos at  

Once admitted to the program, we ask for:

1.     Completion of CCRL training modules
Completion of VIRTUS training (including State of Ohio background check)
Completions of CITI training for research
Record of a physical examination
Letter of reference from a previous instructor, mentor, or supervisor
A signed learning contract
A picture and a personal statement for our webpage