Work in Progress


Healthy Corner Stores - Cincinnati
This partnership between CDC and the Center for Closing the Health Gap, a non-profit based in Avondale. The CDC is providing technical services to help meet the goals of bolstering the capacity of existing corner stores to provide more healthy food, spicificly fresh produce. Parellel to the architectural updates to the corner stores, the program also promotes the advantages of healthy eating to neighborhood residents. The program plans to include more than a dozen stores over a three year period with capital financing provided by the City of Cincinnati Fresh Food Financing Initiative.
Rothenberg Academy in OTR Rooftop Teaching Garden
The rooftop teaching garden combines two ongoing interests of the CDC, the OTR neighborhood and food based community development. Stemming from the vision of Pope Colman, boardmember of the the Over-the-Rhine (OTR) Foundation, the Community Design Center (CDC) collaborated with Pope and the OTR Foundation to make the rooftop teaching garden vision into a reality.The CDC provided technical services and renderings to make this project a reality and the project was constructed in the summer of 2013.