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2014 Topics & Presenters

Our 15th Annual Mini Medical College was entertaining, educational, and enlightening. No medical or scientific background needed — just an inquiring mind and an interest in how the human body works!

Each evening of Mini Medical College offered the opportunity to hear from two different faculty members from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.  This meannt eight different medical topics were covered during the Mini Medical College experience.

October 1
"What You Need to Know About Stroke and Why"
Dawn Kleindorfer, MD

"Clinical Research: The Process of Creating a Healthier Tomorrow"
Christopher Lindsell, PhD

October 8
"Orthopaedics - Hip & Knee Replacements"
Todd Kelley, MD

7:00- 8:00pm
"PTSD: Everything You Need to Know and More"
Kathleen Chard, PhD

October 15
Pediatric Cancer
Luke Pater, MD

7:00- 8:00pm  
"Epilepsy: An Ancient Disorder Provides a Modern Window into Brain Function"
Michael Privitera, MD

October 22
"Type 1 Diabetes and Transition to Adult Care"
Sarah Corathers, MD

7:00- 8:00pm
"When the Latest Is Not the Greatest"
Ferhan Asghar, MD

about how to register?  Call 513-556-6932.

Fee: $70 (no discounts), included all four evenings of presentations, program booklet, and a Mini Medical T-shirt. No additional fee if you park in the adjacent Eden Avenue Garage

Location: UC College of Medicine (Medical Sciences Building) on Albert Sabin Way


2014 Topics & Presenters

We had a successful 2014 program!