Course Catalog

 Registration for Spring opens March 15th, 9am.

A varied schedule of noncredit courses is available for you throughout the year.
Catalogs are published in August, December, and February.

Look for the print version of the OLLI at UC catalog in the mail.


Corrections to the Spring Catalog

4019 Leonard Cohen: Poet and Prophet is incorrectly listed as course number 4079 and in the wrong category; it should be listed under MUSIC.

1005 Grow Your Dream Business has been CANCELLED.
1006 Great Music Potpourri has been CANCELLED.

PAGES 13 & 21:
1910 Wellness, Nutrition, and Disease Prevention is CANCELLED.
1807 Wellness, Nutrition, and Disearse Prevention is CANCELLED.

PAGES 14 & 21
2008 Combo: Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga is now course #1511 and meets Tuesdays, 11am-12:15pm, Apr. 4-May 9.

PAGE 14:
2101 Understanding Disease has been CANCELLED.

PAGE 19:
3411 You Can Change How You Feel has been CANCELLED. It will be offered again in the fall.
PAGE 22:
3517 Eating to Live is missing from the Schedule At-A-Glance.
PAGE 23:
4106 Ring of the Nibelung Plus Parsifal is missing from the Schedule At-A-Glance.
PAGE 24:
EXTRA TREATS, the May 5 trip to Armstrong Air and Space Museum is course number 8553 (not 8552).

PAGE 24 & 35:
6065 Preventing Pug-nacious Behavior: Better Understanding Your Dog takes place on April 28 (not April 14).

PAGE 30:
4001 Cincinnati Happenings has been CANCELLED.

PAGE 37:
8100 Ballroom Dancing has been CANCELLED.

Curing the Blank Page: a new section has been added.
3916 Thursdays 10:25 - 11:40 at ADI
see course 1601 on page 11 for description.



Registration opens


March 15th 9:00 a.m.