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Course Catalog

Registration for Winter 2017 opens Dec. 14, 9am.

A varied schedule of noncredit courses is available for you throughout the year.
Catalogs are published in August, December, and February.

Look for the print version of the OLLI at UC catalog in the mail.

The PDF of the Winter 2017 catalog is available here.



Course # 3708 Integrated Wealth Management - CANCELLED

Course # 3514 The Bible: Going Deeper - CANCELLED

Course # 4009 Great Operas: Verdi: Classes begin on Thursday, January 19th

Course # 3609 Keys to Safe Mature Driving in Adverse / Bad Weather is a SINGLE day course to be held on Jan. 17th from 1:25 - 2:40 p.m. 

Course # 1405 King Solomon and the Temple - CANCELLED

Course #2608 Time for Market Timing? - CANCELLED

Course # 5082 1777: Saratoga -Turning point of the Revolution has been CANCELLED. It will be substituted with Two Discoveries in Math and Science: Exhibiting the Power of the Imagination.