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Partner for Achieving School Success

Financial Support

The Gen-1 Program is designed to encourage first-generation, Pell-eligible students to live on campus because research indicates that college students who do so achieve greater academic success than those who commute.

In order to make campus living more affordable for program participants, UC partially offsets the cost of housing and meal plans through scholarship support based upon student need.

For additional information regarding housing and meal plan costs, please refer to the UC Housing Website.

Donor Support

The Gen-1 Program would not exist without the generous support of our donors. Donations to Gen-1 will sustain and enhance this successful program.

The information below demonstrates how your financial contribution will support the Gen-1 Program and its participants:

  • $7,074 provides housing for a Gen-1 student

  • $4,140 supports a freshman meal plan

  • $2,500 covers annual program costs for a Gen-1 student

  • $1,000 will cover a month of house actitivies, events, programs, and meals for 50 students

  • $500 will pay for an academic awards ceremony each semester 

  • $330 covers the cost of all freshman entrance fees for one student

  • $150 pays for one freshman housing application fee and security deposit

  • $85 sends one freshman to UC Orientation

  • $25 will send 1 Gen-1 student to BearCat Leadership Camp


The UC Foundation.

The Gen-1 Theme House supports many students but they cannot do it alone. Click here to donate now.

Thank you for your generosity!