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2008 News Archive

2008 Summer Career Exploration Camp

The 2008 Summer Career Exploration Camp (SCEC) successfully completed its first three-week session by recognizing fifty (50) CPS students in grades 8-11 at a special ceremony on Friday, June 27 at the African American Cultural & Research Center. These students received a certificate and earned a $600.00 stipend for participating in and fulfilling all requirements of this intensive and rigorous career exploration experience.

Parent comments at the conclusion of Session I included the following:

  • “This was a great opportunity that you gave my daughter. She has grown a lot in just three weeks. Thanks.”
  • “Thanks to the whole GEARUP staff for giving my son this opportunity.”
  • “This opportunity means so much to my daughter. It has opened the door and shown her that the sky’s the limit.”
  • “I thank you for your program. It’s what is needed for children to see beyond where they live. The sky is the limit and you’re helping them reach it. Thanks a million.”
  • “I am really impressed. Thank you.”
  • “GEARUP is a great program for our youth.”
  • “We love this program.”

SCEC is a collaborative venture between GEARUP, the University of Cincinnati (UC), and The Hamilton County Department of Job & Family Services (HCJFS) designed to provide GEARUP students with the opportunity to establish education and career goals and to design a plan to achieve those goals. GEARUP is contributing nine (9) full-time staff members, UC is providing facilities and job shadow sites, and HCJFS is providing funding support.

SCEC is designed to encourage current high school students to explore high-demand and high-paying career fields that are accessible with two years or less of post-secondary education or training. Exploration occurs through classroom instruction and activities, internet research, presentations by practitioners, and job shadowing opportunities. Job shadow experiences include emergency dispatch, graphic design, journalism, paralegal, photography, public safety, respiratory therapy, security, and veterinary technician.

During Session I, many students returned from their job shadow sites full of positive stories and excitement based upon their experiences. Mary W. and Kelly C. each helped author an online article published with their byline, Carlyse P. created her own webpage, and James M. decided on a new career course involving facilities/environmental management. Meanwhile, Harvey A. and Satin G. starred in a promotional video, Ronisha L. and Danielle H. observed respiratory therapists treating critically ill patients, and Anthony A. was one of several students who had an inside look into the world of information technology.

A total of 150 students eventually will attend SCEC with Sessions II and III scheduled from July 7 to July 25 and from July 28 to August 15, respectively. Each camp participant will develop a Career Portfolio that includes an Individual Academic & Career Plan ((IACP) and that will be highlighted in a PowerPoint Presentation to students, staff, parents, and special guests on the last day of each session.

Regional Science Olympiad

GEARUP did a phenomenal job at the March 1 Regional Science Olympiad, where our high school team competed against 22 area high schools and our 7th-8th grade team competed against 14 other middle schools. The top six teams in each event were awarded medals. Our two teams each won 2nd and 6th place awards, an outstanding accomplishment for first-time participants. Congratulations, students and coaches!

In the high school division, Sarah Little and Anthony Kokoski finished 2nd in the Wright Stuff! This event required construction of a self-propelled plane designed to remain aloft for as long as possible. Their time of 1:40 was just nine seconds shy of the winning flight. Great job, Sarah and Anthony!

James Killings and Abdine Lewis earned 6th place in the Robot Ramble, which required high school students to build a remote-controlled robot to perform a series of assigned tasks. Impressive work, gentlemen!

In the middle school division, Swaneisha Jones and Willie Love earned 2nd place in Mystery Architecture. Swaneisha and Willie had to build a model structure to specifications on site. Outstanding, ladies!

Quianna Drew and Andre'a Lowery placed 6th in Metric Mastery, which required competitors to demonstrate mastery of the metric system by estimating and accurately measuring a variety of objects for mass, volume, area, distance, time, and temperature. Great work, Quianna and Andre'a!