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2015 AFTL Teaching Showcase: Learning beyond the Academy

 The work we do with students extends well beyond our classrooms. In the Teaching Showcase we want to highlight best practices in promoting student learning. Examining what students need to succeed as they move through their programs and into their careers is at the heart of good teaching and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research as we continually seek out better ways to work with students. We are fortunate to have Dr. Marcia Baxter-Magolda as our keynote speaker as her research is focused on what students take with them when they graduate and move into their careers. The 2015 Teaching Showcase challenges presenters and practitioners to examine how they nurture lifelong learning in students.

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Marcia Baxter Magolda

University of Cincinnati

Academy of Fellows of Teaching and Learning

2015 Teaching Showcase Keynote Speaker

Learning Partnerships: Promoting Learning and Self-Authorship


Good teaching requires understanding how students’ developmental capacities –or how they construct their beliefs, identities, and relationships – mediate their learning.  Common learning outcomes such as critical thinking, ethical decision making, and intercultural maturity involve acquiring knowledge and skills; they also require complex capacities to critique, evaluate, and apply knowledge.  Developing the capacity for self-authorship, or the ability to internally define one’s beliefs, identities and social relations, is necessary to meet contemporary collegiate learning outcomes and succeed in adult life.  Baxter Magolda will share developmental portraits from her 28-year longitudinal study of adult development and engage participants in determining their relevance for University of Cincinnati students.  She will describe learning partnerships that promote learning and self-authorship and engage attendees in exploring how to use learning partnerships in their teaching.

Marcia Baxter Magolda is Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership at Miami University (Ohio). Her recent books include Authoring Your Life: Developing an Internal Voice to Meet Life’s Challenges and Assessing Meaning Making and Self-authorship.