Academy of Fellows for Teaching and LearnignUniversity of Cincinnati

Academy of Fellows for Teaching and Learnign

AFTL Eligibility Criteria and Benefits

Eligibility criteria

All candidates for the AFTL must be full-time faculty with membership in the bargaining unit and have at least five years of experience related to teaching and learning at the University of Cincinnati. There will be no fixed quota influencing the representation from any discipline, rank, or college. Emeritus/emerita faculty will remain listed as members of the Academy, but will not be considered active. This proposal envisions that the AFTL will come to consist of approximately 60 to 80 active members.

Selection process

Academy members will be selected through a nomination process that should include a CV and a statement from the nominee or the nominator that describes the nominee’s significant contributions to student learning. Additional documentation should demonstrate:

  • Significant and extended contributions to excellence in scholarly teaching and/or the scholarship of teaching and learning as it relates to the candidate’s own discipline
  • Significant and extended contributions to student learning and assessment of student learning within the context of faculty responsibilities.

Examples of documentation include teaching awards; contributions to academic unit curriculum development; presentation of teaching strategies; letters of support from previous students; presentations at national conferences; and/or publications or funded research on effective teaching methodologies.

All active members in the Academy vote to elect additional members from a list of up to ten candidates recommended by the AFTL Membership Committee, which is ususally composed of six Academy members (including the Membership Committee Chair who sits on the Executive Committee) plus two graduate students.  All candidates receiving a majority vote of the active members will be elected.

Academy Fellows will be the institution’s most outstanding teaching faculty.

Members selected into the Academy will be expected to:

  • contribute to the purposes of the Academy as outlined above
  • share their teaching abilities and experiences through workshops, discussion groups, research, and individual consultation
  • contribute to improving the teaching effectiveness of faculty and future faculty through such programs as Preparing Future Faculty
  • be available as ad hoc review committee members to conduct internal program reviews, or provide feedback for individual faculty on classroom teaching
  • attend quarterly meetings, which could include a lunch and business discussion as well as a presentation by one of the Fellows or by another invited speaker on some aspect of classroom teaching and learning
  • explore external funding opportunities in support of teaching and learning
  • be available to serve on the committees that annually select the Dolly Cohen winner(s), the University Distinguished Teaching Professor nominees, and future members of the Academy.

Membership benefits

The opportunity to request funding from an account dedicated to AFTL activities and goals, these funds to support a wide range of pedagogy-related projects such as travel to conferences

An invitation to an annual banquet, attended by the President and Provosts, to recognize new Fellows and to consider the overall goals and activities of the Academy