Past Events

Fall 2011 Speaker

Fall 2011 Invited Speaker, November 16 and 17

John Zubizarreta, Ph.D.

Professor of English

Director of Honors & Faculty Development

Immediate Past President, National Collegiate Honors Council

Carnegie Foundation/CASE U.S. Professor of the Year

Columbia College

JOHN ZUBIZARRETA is Professor of English and Director of Honors and Faculty Development at Columbia College, South Carolina. A Carnegie Foundation/C.A.S.E. Professor of the year (2010), he has also earned awards and recognition for teaching and scholarly excellence from the American Association for Higher Education, the South Atlantic Association of Departments of English, the National United Methodist Board of Higher Education, the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education, and other educational organizations. John is a frequent conference presenter and consultant on improving college teaching, learning, and academic leadership, and he has mentored educators nationwide and internationally on developing teaching and administrative portfolios.

His work on portfolios includes many articles and chapters in journal and book publications such as the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching; 

The Department Chair; Phi Delta Kappan;

P. Seldin's The Teaching Portfolio (1997, 2004), 

Changing Practices in Evaluating Teaching (1999), 

Improving College Teaching (1995), 

Successful Use of Teaching Portfolios (1993);

J. Roth's Inspiring Teaching (1997);

A. Wright's Teaching Improvement Practices (1995).

P. Seldin and M.L. Higgerson's The Administrative Portfolio (2002)

In addition to his scholarly work on teaching and learning, John has published widely on modern American and comparative literatures. Foremost among his disciplinary publications is his co-edited Robert Frost Encyclopedia (2001). John is also a devoted husband and father of two girls. When the academic life becomes too hectic, John is an avid telemark skier and fisherman, an overly ambitious, aching runner, and a former six-time gold medalist champion in national whitewater canoe competition.


Dan Bernstien

Thurs., Oct. 13, 11:00AM-12:00, Stratford Ballroom, Stratford Heights

Dan Bernstein

Your Colleagues, Your Fellow Teachers: Using Comprehensive Peer Review to Improve Teaching & Learning

After attending this colloquium, participants will be able to define peer review and contextualize the “movement” for stronger peer review support within the United States and Internationally, identify & explain the components of the peer review process, understand the benefits and/or value-added of comprehensive peer review (support that goes beyond a classroom observation), learn from someone else’s craft, and understand how to advocate for a stronger peer review structure/support in academic units and/or colleges.

Thurs., Oct. 13, 2:00-5:00PM, 480C Langsam Library

Learning From Each Other's Craft

Participants will exchange course goals, assignments, typical performance, and lessons learned from a course they teach on a regular basis. These forms of peer dialogue are the foundation for peer review of the intellectual work in teaching, and the last portion of the workshop will be a discussion of the place of such reviews in evaluation of faculty performance. Participants will identify the components of teaching, articulate some goals and values for instruction, specify the results of instruction in an observable format, and engage in reflection on potential for improvement of learning as well as formulate a plan for voluntary peer collaboration and review and be able respond to claims about the value of being public with teaching and learning and situate the intellectual work in teaching in a model of scholarship.

Fri., Oct. 14, 9:00AM-11:00, 480C Langsam Library

Teaching Efficiently in the 21st Century

Participants will collectively construct a model of time distribution among professional activities in a typical work week, identifying the areas that absorb the most time and energy. After developing a plan to rearrange those efforts, participants will discuss ideas provided for reducing the time required for key aspects of our professional lives.

Each participant should finish with at least three concrete plans for re-allocation of effort and time in the teaching portion of our work weeks. Participants will analyze the experience of feeling overwhelmed by work activities and identify those aspects of teaching that in principle can vary in time and effort. We'll also learn about options for handling the responsibilities of teaching, design a plan to reconfigure teaching to fit within an allocation of total time, and evaluate the plan with an eye toward optimizing student learning within the constraints of time.

AFTL Open Classroom Initiative

Seeing other faculty teach celebrates the teacher and provides the visitor with examples of the work of others. AFTL members and other faculty known for their teaching excellence opened their classrooms for visits from fellow faculty in 2013 and 2014.