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Robert Brackenbury, PhD


Robert Brackenbury, PhD

Professor of Cancer and Cell Biology, Cancer & Cell Biology; College of Medicine 

Robert Brackenbury, “Brack”, is Professor of Cancer and Cell Biology, and Director of Graduate Student Professional Development and of the Preparing Future Faculty Program. He teaches medical students and graduate students at the College of Medicine and was Director of the Graduate Program in Cancer and Cell Biology for over a dozen years. As all of these different hats suggest, he enjoys teaching and helping a wide variety of students!

Professor of English Literature

Wayne Hall currently holds the position of Professor in the Department of English & Comparative Literature at the University of Cincinnati, where he also served as Vice Provost for Faculty Development from 2001 to 2011. His early research on modern Irish literature led to the publication of two books: Shadowy Heroes: Irish Literature of the 1890s (Syracuse UP, 1980) and Dialogues in the Margin: A Study of the Dublin University Magazine (Catholic U of America P, 1999). Over the past dozen years, and following the path created by his administrative work, his research has focused on scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning, with particular focus on instructional technology, ePortfolios, and teaching strategies for large-enrollment classes.