CET&L Mission

To provide support for excellent teaching & learning, assessment, and career development for faculty and University initiatives that result in more effective teaching & research, stronger student learning, and higher satisfaction among all faculty.


1. Teach faculty how to identify, adopt and assess innovative and effective pedagogies—including active and experiential learning—and new technologies that improve student learning.

2. Consult with faculty and academic units on the creation of course-based and curricular learning outcomes and how to assess them effectively to promote student learning and improve programs.

3. Provide professional development opportunities for new and pre-tenure faculty that lead to improved productivity and job satisfaction.

4. Build collaborations between faculty, academic units, colleges and regional campuses to create and strengthen relationships that lead to further innovations in teaching and research.

5. Promote resource sharing and coordinate programming between various revenue supporters, including:

·         Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

·         Faculty Technology Resource Center (FTRC)

·         First-Year Experience and Learning Communities 

·         University Honors Program

·         Graduate School

·         UC International

·         University Libraries

6. Provide targeted programming for graduate students that lead to better job placement within Higher Education and Industry.

7. Present and publish scholarly research on effective teaching practices and provide external consultations that enhance the reputation of UC.

Assessment of CET&L Goals

We employ both research initiatives and rigorous assessment strategies to measure the achievement of CET&L's articulated outcomes. For example, each CET&L supported program employs a standard assessment tool that allows for longitudinal and cross sectional comparisons between the success and affect of different programs, as well as between the different offerings of the same.

This assessment collects demographic data about program participants as well as measures participant acquisition of stated program outcomes, confidence in skills/material presented, and the probability of participants using the program materials/skills in their professional lives here at UC.  

Beyond program assessments, we conduct scientific research to identify and understand the needs of UC faculty, administration, and students and the associated impact of CET&L programs and initiatives. This research is disseminated both internally at UC and externally to peer institutions and professional journals with the aim to contribute to the broader intellectual scaffolding of faculty development in higher education.