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Adjunct Orientation


To better support adjunct instructors, CET&L hosted UC's first Adjunct Orientation on August 21. This page provides materials and resources covered at that session. Our mid-year Adjunct faculty Orientation and Professional Development Program will be held on January 8, 2013.


  • The Adjunct Faculty Orientation and Professional Development program provides faculty with valuable information, tools, and resources to lay a foundation for a successful and positive experience as a member of the UC teaching community. 


  • Learn about institutional priorities, including the Academic Master Plan, and how it will affect new faculty.
  • Learn about professional development opportunities through Faculty Development One Stop and the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning (CET&L).
  • Identify tools and strategies for starting classes, including helpful tips for syllabi development and promoting active learning through the use of IF-ATs, JiTT and Peer Instruction.
  • Identify tools and strategies for using technology, including a brief introduction to Blackboard as a course management tool, and key Apps that will save you time in your professional and personal life.
  • Learn about UC students and resources that support them.
  • Develop professional relationships and a sense of professional community at UC.


  • 2012/13 Adjunct Faculty Orientation and Professional Development (.pdf)


Syllabus Development
  • Strategies for Syllabus Development and Teaching Fall Semester (.ppt)
  • IF-ATs (.pdf) tools for active learning (scratch-off cards).
Professional Development
  • Faculty Development OneStop is UC's centralized professional development portal. Log in and register for professional development and training opportunities.
  • Top TEN Things You Need to Know About Blackboard (.docx)

  • Pedagogical Strategies for Using Blackboard to Save Time and Improve Student Learning (.ppt)
Loan Forgiveness
  • Learn How Working for a Public Institution Can Lead to Student Loan Forgiveness (.pptx)