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Great Gateways


Gateway courses are often life-changing—they introduce students to the meaning of our community, the paths of intellectual pursuit, and draw lasting ties between personal and academic development.

To further recognize our fullest potential, and to create impactful and meaningful change in how our students learn, UC is committing to strategically enhance academic experiences common to the greatest number of our students.

We will coordinate and establish lasting partnerships, develop financial and human resources through strategic investments, and as a community strengthen and build upon courses that are foundational to greater academic excellence and vital to the health of our university.

We are committed to make our Gateways Great.


  • Office of the President
  • Office of the Provost
  • McMicken College of Arts & Sciences
  • UC Blue Ash
  • Clermont College
  • Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning
  • UCBA Learning & Teaching Center
  • First Year Experience
  • Academic Excellence & Support Services
  • IT@UC
  • University Libraries
  • Committee on Textbook Affordability


Above all, this is an effort driven by excellent planning and coordination. We will build a community of support at all levels, driven by the goal of Greatness. This includes the coordination and planning of the following resources to support Great Gateways:

Academic Support

  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Learning Communities
  • Math and Science Support Center (MASS)
  • Academic Writing Center (AWC)
  • Peer Tutoring (LAC)
  • Supplemental Review Sessions (SRS)


  • Course Design Institute
  • Early Term Feedback
  • Flipped Pedagogy & Active Learning Workshops                 

Information Technology

  • Canopy eLearning ecosystem
  • eLearning Studio
  • Data analysis and collection               

Listening Sessions               

In the coming fall, we will be reaching out to faculty, staff, and students for feedback on how we will best accomplish this goal together. These Listening Sessions will inform and help define the needs and appropriate action for our Gateways community.

Following our Listening Sessions, we will in early SS15 begin the tradition of bringing together our partners and course coordinators for Great Gateways Summits to hold collaborative sessions regarding successes and areas of opportunity within UC Gateways according to discipline. These meetings will be outcomes-driven and assessment-based. 


We will leverage our community and partnerships by making strategic investments in faculty development where needs and potential for impact are greatest. Moving forward, we will create a proposal process to launch in SS15, where our community will solicit funding proposals at the college and unit-level that best articulate and propose initiatives to make Great Gateways.

To aid in this investment, the Provost’s Office is contributing up to $60,000 of professional development funds to be made available to those initiatives and proposals that result in the greatest sustainable impact on student learning and retention. 


Together we will create a support structure that effectively and efficiently pulls together students, faculty, and staff in the design, implementation, and assessment of courses that make effective use of innovation, evidence-based instruction, and the principles of course design to support stronger student retention and overall academic success at UC.


  • Summer 14
    July 7-11 STEM Course Design with A&S Mathematics (Applied Calculus, Pre-calculus, and Calculus)
  • Fall 14
    Oct./Nov. Great Gateways Listening Sessions
    Dec. Request for Great Gateways Proposals 
  • Spring 15
    Jan./Feb. Great Gateways Summits 
  • Summer 15
    CETL Great Gateways Course Design 



The Great Gateways Initiative is sponsored by the Office of the Provost.

Our spring Great Gateways Summits are now underway, with our faculty and support staff coming together to recognize departments' current success and strengths and also emerge as a group with thoughtful strategies to further enhance support for gateway courses based on a clear understanding of the needs, priorities, and opportunities that exist so that we might facilitate greater student success.

CET&L will soon be sending calls for its Summer Course Design programming, featuring sessions focused on Great Gateways, Travel Abroad, Active Learning, Online Course Creation, and more. For more information, please contact Bryan Smith, PhD, at 556-6382 or smbr@ucmail.uc.edu

The Spotlight includes UC faculty and academic support programs that foster the culture of excellence in teaching and learning.

Click here for a full list of Gateway Faculty

NSF-IUSE Grant Support


We are about to embark on an exciting voyage to transform STEM undergraduate teaching at the University of Cincinnati! We are delighted to have NSF’s support for the University's efforts through funding our proposal, “Enhancing Student Success in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics by Transforming the Faculty Culture.”

CET&L is working closely with UC's Teaching and Learning Liaisons, who have agreed to provide significant efforts within their respective departments. These include Brian Kinkle and Jill Beyette in Biology, James Mack and Anne Vonderheide in Chemistry, and Paul Esposito and Leigh Smith in Physics.  

CET&L was asked to present on effective assessment strategies for the Department of Chemistry's monthly NSF-IUSE luncheon on pedagogy and assessment in January 2015. 

The grant will aid in bringing research-based instructional strategies to UC STEM classrooms and Great Gateway courses in STEM curricula.


Gigi Meyer Escoe
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Bryan Smith
Assistant Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning