CETLCenter for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning



The Great Gateways project aims at excellent planning and coordination. We will build a community of support at all levels driven by the goal of Greatness. Planning and coordination involve the components listed below. This page also includes links to a selection of important supporting literature.

Academic Support

  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Learning Communities
  • Math and Science Support Center (MASS)
  • Academic Writing Center (AWC)
  • Peer Tutoring (LAC)
  • Supplemental Review Sessions (SRS)


  • Summer Course Design Institute
  • Early Term Feedback
  • Flipped Pedagogy & Active Learning Workshops


  • Report of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) for the improvement of STEM undergraduate education (see especially pp. 83-86): PCAST Report 2012
  • National Academy of Sciences's report: Mathematical Sciences in 2025
  • Efficacy of active learning bibliography (prepared by Yale University)


A "flipped" or "inverted" classroom is a type of blended learning in which students learn the content outside of class (typically accessing instructional videos or other media content) and practice what they learned in the classroom. It "flips" the traditional model (acquisition of content in the classroom, practice at home). 

Information Technology

  • Canopy eLearning ecosystem
  • eLearning Studio
  • Data analysis and collection