Programs & Services for Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA)

Our goal here is to provide opportunities for graduate students who are assigned a teaching assistantship and/or have high interests in becoming more aware of innovative ways to approach teaching and learning. We seek to support and offer training to graduate students across disciplines. There is a lot of information to consider; however, we suggest that you first consider browsing a few UC-specific links below.

Workshops and seminars

The Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE) provides programs designed specifically for graduate students. Click here to learn more

CET&L provides workshops for faculty as well as graduate students. Click here to learn more

The Graduate School provides opportunities for professional development in the areas of leadership and interpersonal skills, effective speaking and writing, obtaining funding and access to other necessary resources, in addition to wisdom in confronting the societal implications of your work. Click here to learn more

  • Preparing Future Faculty (PFF)
    PFF is a program designed to further prepare graduate students and postdocs who hope to one day become faculty members in the academy.