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Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Below, we have identified the most commonly asked questions from graduate students wanting to learn more about teaching at UC and UC-specific resources.

What are you getting into?

University of Cincinnati is a large, urban, research-extensive university. But how do those descriptors help you better understand your GTA role here?
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What resources does the CET&L offer GTAs?

CET&L offers a variety of programs to help GTAs improve their teaching and their students' learning from workshops to a FALL GTA Seminar. To see the current listing of scheduled programs, click here. For other resources, learn more

What are the most common teaching challenges GTAs face, and how can I address them? 

For example, you have little teaching experience, but you're committed to becoming a good teacher. How should you begin?
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What do international students need to know about teaching at UC? 

If you are an international student, welcome to Cincinnati and to UC! It may help you to learn some tips about teaching in this country and where to find campus resources to assist you.
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What campus resources can help me in my role as a GTA? 

To help both you and your students, we suggest you take some time to learn about the financial, academic, personal, and professional resources available to you on campus.
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