Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE)


Are you a graduate student passionate about excellence in teaching and learning? Are you hungry for professional development? Do you want to have a meaningful impact on the learning experience of your students? If so, then attend the workshops organized by the Graduate Association for Teaching Enhancement (GATE), an initiative developed by graduate students for graduate students with the support of CET&L, the Graduate School, and GSGA.

Mission: To enhance the teaching practice of graduate students by providing information, training and instruction on teaching concepts and methods with a focus on innovative pedagogies, while also offering basic career guidance and facilitating a network among graduate students who share a common vision in teaching and learning excellence.
If you are interested in joining our organization or want to receive more updates, write to us at gateatuc@gmail.com

Meetings, Fall 2014: Thursday, 12:00--1:30 pm, at CET&L, on the following days: September 25, October 23, November 20.
All GATE members are required to attend.

Our Group

GATE founders: Lori Gresham, Annie Schmidt, Julie Weast

GATE members 2014-2015: Daniel Dale (Literature), Nimita Dave (Pharmacy, post-doc), Anna Donnell (Chemistry), Ahmed Fahad (English as second language), Kelsey Feser (Geology), Tejaswi Goparaju (Computer science, GA - CET&L), Mark R. Haase (Chemical engineering), Angelica Hardee (Health promotion, GA - CET&L), John Ige (Health promotion), Bela Kashyap (History), Matteo Magarotto (Musicology, GA - CET&L), Ankurman Shrestha (Chemical engineering), Vignesh Subbian (Computer engineering)

Past members: Dippy Aggarwal, Laura Bachus, Sarah Cassella, Robert Chaney, Aniruddha Deshpande, Shruti Deshpande, Corey Fallon, Arvind Krishnaswamy, Simone McGaw, Peggy Shannon-Baker

Advisor: Bryan R. Smith, Assistant Director, CET&L

Faculty mentors: Wayne Hall, Jason Heikenfeld, Brian Kinkle, Kathy Koenig, Matthew Peattie.

Next Workshop

Beyond the First Day of Class: Student Engagement and Classroom Management

So you've been teaching for a few weeks and you're in a slump, or you have some students who are misbehaving, or you want to increase student participation. What are you to do? Come join us for a 2-hour workshop centered on student engagement and classroom management. You will learn about several techniques that can help create a fun and engaging classroom environment, which will boost student learning.

This workshop is open to all graduate students. Although it is geared toward those who have taught before, any student with an interest in teaching is welcome to attend.

Note: Much of the content overlaps with our previous workshop Get Up and Go (12/18 August 2014).

Program Outcomes

After successfully completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe and implement strategies to increase participation and student engagement
  • Identify classroom management techniques to address specific problems and prevent future incidents
  • Apply student engagement and classroom management concepts to real classroom situations

Time and Location

Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 10:00am--12:00pm
(registration from 9:45am; program begins promptly at 10:00am)

Langsam Library, room 480C

Register at Faculty Development OneStop (log in required).

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