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Information for International GTA's

We suggest that international GTAs consider immediately addressing with their students the fact that they bring both challenges and benefits to the classroom because of their ethnicity, language, culture, etc. As we've said time and again, UC prides itself in its diversity, and this is one way to harness that diversity so that it benefits UC, international GTAs, their students, and the greater Cincinnati community. But this harnessing takes work on the part of both GTAs and their students, and there may be frustrations along the way. Speaking candidly about these challenges will go far in smoothing those frustrations, promoting deeper learning, and further dissolving boundaries.

International students may find it helpful to begin exploring the many cultural differences when it comes to academic life in the United States. It may help, too, to find UC campus resources to assist you in navigating your way through this new culture.

In addition to the information regarding UC-specific resources provided below, you may wish to read more about the academic culture in the United States by linking here.

This section offers some insight from a local perspective on teaching and learning in Cincinnati. The 1,500 international graduate students at UC are a significant part of our UC community. In addition to the tips above, these resources might be useful:

Center for English as a Second Language

If you're interested in strengthening your language skills, this UC program offers classes for college credit. These courses, as well as the students you will interact with, can help you practice your pronunciation and fluency. 
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ELS Educational Services

This is not a UC program, but it's an ideal program through which to learn English for those who don't need or want to take classes for credit.  And for those of you with family or friends who accompanied you to UC and who may wish to improve their English skills, this may be a program for them.
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International Services

This program provides information on the law for international students as it relates to employment, taxes, etc.  Here you will also find information about cultural events and links to other international programs. Your international students may also find this a helpful site, so feel free to share it with them. You can also use this website to learn about events you and your students can attend to learn about other cultures. 
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