CETLCenter for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning


Workshops and Programs

Registration is required for all programs. For more information, or to see our current calendar, please log in to Faculty Development OneStop, or contact us at: cetl@uc.edu or 513-556-9319.

For the 2014/15 academic year, we're scheduling workshops on everything from the foundations of Flipped Classrooms to career development for senior faculty. While seemingly diverse, our emphases in this year's programming focus on the following foundational areas:

  • Teaching Strategies and Assessment of Student Learning
  • Course Design

  • eLearning

  • Career Development
  • New Faculty

2014/15 Fall Series // Spring Series

Teaching Strategies and Assessment of Student Learning
  • Social Media in the Classroom

  • Reigniting your Passion for the Classroom

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom

  • Grading: Strategies, Rubrics, and Technology
  • Developing Your Teaching Portfolio
Course Design
  • General Course Design
  • Travel Learning
  • Great Gateways Course Design Institute
  • Active Learning
  • Quality Matters Bronwbag Series (continued)
  • Blackboard Series
  • Lecture Capture
  • Essential Tech Tools
  • eLearning Ideas from Faculty 

Career Development
  • New Chair Leadership Institute

  • Academic Program Assessment Institute

  • Peer Review of Teaching Faculty Learning Community

  • Writing Effective Grants for External Funding

  • Funding Your Research Program
New Faculty
  • New Faculty Institute

  • Open Writing Days

  • AMA: Ask Me Anything Panel Luncheons

  • Mentor & Mentee Training Sessions