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New Faculty


New Faculty are indisputably the future of our university. To better support the professional development of new faculty at the University of Cincinnati, CET&L, with support from the Faculty Development Council, has created the New Faculty Institute as a mechanism to:

  • Enhance new faculty efforts in research, teaching, and service;

  • Enable new tenure track faculty to reach these goals with greater efficiency; and

  • Improve new faculty retention and deepen knowledge of the RPT process.

The CET&L New Faculty Institute Steering Committee works in partnership with deans and academic unit heads to identify new pre-tenure faculty, as well as identify interdepartmental and external faculty mentors. CET&L then trains faculty mentors to create and sustain effective mentoring relationships and to develop effective and efficient strategies for providing feedback to new faculty.*

To apply for the 2013/14 cohort, please complete the following survey: here (tinyurl.com/k5ln326)

As of September 2014, admission are now being made on a rolling basis. Please contact Laurah Turner, turnela@ucmail.uc.edu for further information.

Over the course of two years, Institute members work with their interdepartmental mentor in the Peer Mentoring Program to:

  • navigate discipline-specific aspects of the research process, such as applying for grants, setting up a lab, etc.;

  • make clear progress on their research and publication goals; and

  • support innovative and effective teaching.

Mentors are also available to support new faculty in the preparation of reappointment dossiers and self-reflection statements.

The external mentor serves as an important sounding board for navigating the university as a whole, in addition to providing support for questions or concerns that new faculty might like to address outside of their home department.

In addition, faculty participants may attend seminar sessions offered through the UC/CET&L Workshop Series (covering topics ranging from preparing a RPT dossier and writing successful FDC grants to developing effective, efficient, and innovative teaching practices) Institute participants work with their faculty mentors to determine which programs might benefit them best.

Upon successful completion of the Institute, pre-tenure faculty receive $2,000 for professional development upon completion of the program.

The FDC grant provides a small honorarium to the faculty mentors, with interdepartmental members receiving $1000, and external mentors earning $500 upon completion of the program.


2013/14 Cohort

New Faculty Member

Internal Mentor

External Mentor

Duncan MacRae, A&S Eleni Hatzaki
Daniel Wagenaar, A&S
Bruce Jayne
Ali Minai
Joshua Benoit, A&S Stephanie Rollmann
Nelson Horseman
Raja Adal, A&S Maura O'Connor
Kevin Grace
Christopher Segall, CCM Christina Losada
Brant Russell, CCM Jenny Jones
Lorin Parker, CCM Tom Haines
Jeremy Lee, CCM James Gage
Mark Halpin, CCM TBD
Joseph Nedelec, CECH Chris Sullivan
Prentice Chandler, CECH Chet Laine
Song Ju, CECH Christina Carnahan Ying Guo
Tai Collins, CECH Renee Hawkins Todd Haydon
Brittany Rosen, CECH Keith King
Cheri Williams
Chengcheng Li, CECH TBD
Zhe Shan, CoB Hsiang-Li Chiang Mingming Lu
Yichen Qin, CoB Yan Yu
Juikaun Hao, CoP Giovanni Pauletti
Bruce Ault
Emily Verba, DAAP
Karen Hughes
Jan Fritz
Richard Robles, Provost
Annie Straka, Provost
Jill Collet
Jennifer Wright-Berryman, UCBA
Gene Kramer
Krista Sigler
Maria Ortiz, UCBA Teresa Roig-Torress Sarah Cummins-Sebree

2012/2013 Cohort

New Faculty Member

Internal Mentor

External Mentor

Christine Mok, A&S
Lisa Hogeland, Assoc. Professor Emily Houh, Assoc. Dean
Zhuo Ban, A&S Heather Zoller, Assoc. Professor Annulla Linders, Assoc. Professor
Brooke Crowley, A&S Craig Dietsch, Assoc. Professor Kenneth Petren, Assoc. Professor
Elizabeth Jean-Baptiste, CECH Mary Boat, Assoc. Professor Renee Hawkins, Assoc. Professor
Cathryn Crosby, CECH Mary Benedetti, Assoc. Professor Flavia Bastos, Assoc. Professor
Andrew Czaja, A&S Barry Maynard, Professor Patrick Limbach, Professor
Lauren Ginsberg, A&S Kathleen Lynch, Assoc. Professor
Terence Milligan, Professor
Alexandre Sousa, A&S Randy Johnson, Professor Patrick Limbach, Professor
Shaunak Sastry, A&S Stephen Haas, Assoc. Professor Jennifer Malat, Assoc. Professor
Joy Watson, Provost Anita Todd, Assoc. Professor Rajib Soman, Assoc. Dean
LaTrice Montgomery, CECH Laura Nabors, Assoc. Professor Theresa Winhusen, Assoc. Professor
Valerie Weinstein, A&S Richard Schade, Professor Wendy Kline, Professor
Brian Earl, CAHS Suzanne Boyce, Professor John Greinwald, Professor
Gwen Arnold, A&S Thomas Moore, Assoc. Professor
Adrian Parr, Assoc. Professor
Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, A&S Jeff Timberlake, Assoc. Professor Amy Lind, Assoc. Professor
Vicki Plano Clark, CECH Marshella Harkness, Assoc. Professor Julie Morrison, Assoc. Professor
Ashley Currier, A&S Amy Lind, Assoc. Professor
John Owens, Assoc. Professor
Mary Steffel, LCoB Chris Allen, Professor
Suzanne Masterson, Assoc. Professor
Rebecca Sanders, A&S Laura Jenkins, Assoc. Professor Annulla Linders, Assoc. Professor
Guy-Lucien Whembolua, A&S Charles Jones, Professor
James Mack, Assoc. Professor
Robert Haug, A&S Wendy Kline, Professor
Mary Stucky, Department Chair
Kevin Haworth, CoM Christy Holland, Professor
Marshall Montrose, Chair
Chen Xue, LCoB Hui Guo, Associate Professor
Nick Williams, Assoc. Professor
Andrew Lewis, A&S Stephen Mockabee, Assoc. Professor
Jeff Timberlake, Assoc. Professor
Maia Toteva, UCBA Julie Mitchell, Assoc. Professor Kimberly Paice, Assoc. Professor
Alexander Borisov, LCoB Steve Slezak, Assoc. Professor Debashis Pal, Professor
Marissa Oehlhof Wagner, UCBA TBD Melinda Greer, Assoc. Professor
Casey Hord, CECH Stephen Kroeger, Assoc. Professor Diane Lala, Professor
Michael Tranter, CoM George Deepe, Professor
Jerry Lingrel, Professor
Thomas Palmer, CECH Bradley Wilson, Professor
Keith King, Professor
Ari Finkelstein, A&S Steve Bowman, Professor Adrian Parr, Assoc. Professor
Gergana Ivanova, A&S Dennis O'Neil, Assoc. Professor Mikiko Hirayama, Assoc. Professor
Holly McGee, A&S Jason Krupar, Assoc. Professor Heather Zoller, Assoc. Professor
Furaha Norton, A&S Myriam Chancy, Professor Verna Williams, Professor
Joshua Pretlow, CECH Chester Laine, Assoc. Professor
George Suckariah, Professor
Daniel Murphy, A&S Jeff Jacobson, Assoc. Professor Miguel Roig-Francoli, Professor
Jonathan Lee, CECH Peggy Elgas, Assoc. Professor Karen Lankisch, Professor
Laura Sagle, A&S Anna Gudmundsdottir, Professor
Margaret Hanson, Professor
Jeffrey Zalar, A&S Mark Raider, Professor Jana Braziel, Assoc. Dean
Chris Cooper, PRoPEL
Anita Todd, Assoc. Professor Michele Kay, Assoc. Professor
Dylan Ward, A&S Craig Dietsch, Assoc. Professor James Bunte, Assoc. Professor
Sharon Sanders, Clermont Meera Rastogi, Asst. Professor TBD