Program Assessment Support

Semester Conversion Support

Academic program assessment plans will help us build and then support common standards and mechanisms for academic program assessment and improvement university-wide. They give us ways to better understand student learning, to make changes to our curricula or our pedagogies in the interest of improving that learning, and then to define and explain the value and excellence of UC’s contributions to student learning at all levels, including faculty research and our involvement with the wider community.

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Program Assessment Planning Institute

This program met for three full sessions and was be attended by those individuals/groups charged with creating their unit's academic program assessment plan for the University's assessment process.

Download Institute materials here: Assessment Materials (.zip)

Following this program we assume that you will continue to work closely with your unit to further develop and refine your assessment plan using the work we've done together as a foundation.

The program helped faculty:

  • Identify and explain the purpose and process of assessment, including how assessment data might be used to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps within the curriculum that can be addressed to improve student learning;
  • Identify & evaluate the components of an assessment plan;
  • Draft a preliminary curriculum map for your program that identifies specific courses where program learning outcomes are addressed;
  • Define expected levels of student achievement and develop corresponding assessment methods to build a foundation for a comprehensive program-level assessment plan;
  • Develop a plan to gather, analyze, and interpret assessment data to determine how well student learning matches expectations.