Author Resources

The Author Interface provides an easy to use, graphical user interface for creating Web pages. This environment is protected by a firewall, so that it can only be accessed on a University of Cincinnati network.

If you are not on the campus network and need to work in CQ, you'll need to use VPN.

Deatials about connecting via VPN are available throught the UCIT Knowledge Base. 

Authors have several tools at their disposal, depending upon level of access. Tools allow the editor to:

  • generate new content on an existing page
  • edit existing content
  • create new pages using predefined templates
  • move, copy or delete pages
  • activate (or deactivate) pages
  • participate in workflows that control how changes are managed; for example, enforcing a review before publication

Adobe Resources

The following Adobe resources may discuss components that are not currently used at UC – or that have been customized by UC. If you have questions regarding components, email