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When working with any components, you can add them either by double-clicking or dragging and dropping the component from the sidekick onto the page. Some default components are hidden from view and are usually only added by a developer.

The following components have been built specifically for University of Cincinnati websites.



List of UC Components




UC Text General Displays text-based content, including hyperlinks, bullet and ordered lists, and charts.
UC Image General Displays an image with an optional caption. Uploading, resizing, cropping and rotation can all be done from within this component.
UC Text & Image General Combines the functionality of 'UC Image' and 'UC Text' into one component. Text will wrap around images aligned left or right, or display normally when images are aligned top or bottom.
UC Title General Displays the page title in a large red header, or as a black header with an ingot.
UC Download General Provides a quick and customizable way to give your users access to digital assets.
Social Media Bar General Displays small icons that link to social networking pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more.
Reference General Display a specific component from another page in CQ.
UC Navigation List Other Creates a bullet list of links to other pages in the CMS.
UC Recursive Navigation Other Creates working links using the page structure of the current site.
Column Control Other Allows for further division of the main content area.
Tagging Lens (Announcements)
Lenses Use this component to build dynamic content which is easily updateable and can be configured to always reflect current events & updates.
UC Image Rotator
Lenses This component will create an embedded photo slideshow with animated transitions, captions, and links to quickly guide users to important pages of the site.
UC YouTube Player Multimedia Embeds a YouTube video on the page.
MP3 Player Multimedia Embeds an MP3 Audio Player on the page.
Pull Quote General Displays a stylized quote on a page.
eProfessional Lenses Pull in Data about faculty and staff straight from eProfessional.
eCurriculum Lenses Pull in data about majors and programs straight from eCurriculum.
Script Component Other Use a script component to embed script within a page in CQ.