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Tagging Lens


Having created an Spotlight Contact Sheet, you can now place a Lens for your Spotlgihts to display on any of your pages.

Getting Started:

Click and drag the Tagging Lens from the Lenses section of your sidekick, then click "Edit."

  • Title: Title for for the Lens. It appears above the lens on the page.
  • Number of Items: How many items will display.
  • Order By: Order by Modified Date or Random 
  • Image Alignment: Choose from Left, Top or Right
  • "View All" Page: Lets you choose a page for all items to appear.
  • Types of Items: Choose between Spotlights or announcements
  • Tag(s): Used to select groups of tagged items.
  • Tag Criteria: Helps join or filter tagged results.
  • Contact Sheet Location: Click the down arrow, and choose the Contact Sheet you created. Multiple sheets can be selected.
  • Ignore On/Off Times?
  • Custom ID: Used when more than one Tagging Lens is needed on a page.

After completing this final step, you should see the Announcements you created in the Contact Sheet displayed on your page. If you decide you'd like to change something about an Announcement Item, you can do it from within the Lens. Each item will have it's own "Edit" button in Author mode.

Default Item

The Default Item is the item that will display in your tagging lens should the items from your Contact Sheet fail to load. This most commonly occurs when all the items on the Contact Sheet have expired.

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