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Column Control


The use of page templates and components provide plenty of formatting abilities for your site. The Column Control Component takes your page formatting a step further, allowing you to create more complex designs while keeping the page organized and coherent. The Column Control Component can be found in the 'Other' tab of Components in the Sidekick.

Getting Started:

Column Control can be found in the "Other" section of the Sidekick. Click and drag it onto the page to get started.

The Column Control will default to "1 Column" layout. Click the edit button to see the available layout options. If you don't see layout options, you'll need to add them in Design mode. Find "Design of colctrl" and click "Edit" to insert the styles. Styles are listed on this FAQ page.

Each column layout will break up your page horizontally using the respective percentages. For example, this page was created with the 2 Column (70%, 30%) layout. The 70% column holds the bulk of the content, while the 30% holds the "Component Functions" outline.


Here's what you'll see after choosing the 2 Columns (70%, 30%) layout. If you've decided to add column controls after you've already authored content on the page, you can quickly and easily move those components into the columns. Click once to select a component (orange outline), then click on the orange outline and drag it to the column you'd like it to be in.

Component Functions:

Column Layout

  • 2 Columns (70%, 30%)
  • 2 Columns (30%, 70%)
  • 2 Columns (50%, 50%)
  • 3 Columns (33%, 33%, 33%)
  • 3 Columns (50%, 25%, 25%)

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