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UC Download


With the UC Download component, you have a quick and fully customizable solution to providing your user with the content you've uploaded to DAM.

Getting Started:

empty download component

Click and drag the UC Download component from the sidekick to get started. Double-clicking or right-clicking this icon will allow you to edit the component. Bring any asset from the content finder into this window to insert it into the component.

  • Target: Declare whether you'd like the asset to open in the user's current tab/window or a new one.
  • File: Displays information about the file currently linked to the component.

Once you've connected the file, click the "Display" tab to format how that link will appear on your page. Ideally, you've already inserted a Title and Description for the file in DAM, but if not you're still capable of inserting that from within the component itself.

  • Hyperlink Text Display: Choose from the asset's file Name, Title, or customize the text for this page.
  • Custom Hyperlink Text: Fill this in only when choosing "Use custom hyperlink text" from the dropdown menu above it.
  • Description Display: Choose from the asset's Description, write one for this page, or choose not to display a description.
  • Custom Description: Fill this in only when choosing "Use custom description" from the dropdown menu above it.
  • Display File Size?: If yes, the file size will appear in parenthesis after the hyperlink.

Sample Downloads:

* Academic Calendar 2012 - 2014 (72.5 KB)
The tentative schedule of important dates for UC's first two years of semesters.

Component Functions:

  • Target
  • File
  • Hyperlink Text Display
  • Description Display
  • Display File Size
  • Custom Class or ID

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