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Dropdown Navigation in CQ

Editing the dropdown navigation on the Division of Administration and Finance (AF) website:

Screen shot of Admin & Finance home page


Screen shot of A&F navigation in CQ
  • In the left nav of CQ, open the “Admin & Finance” node (located under “University of Cincinnati”)
  • Each dropdown main menu item (ex: Offices & Units, Services, Priorities, etc.) has a node of a corresponding title located under the Admin & Finance node
    • To add to one of these lists, single-click on the node you (ex: Offices and Units)
    • Once you have selected a node, you will see a list of the items that appear in the dropdown nav (circled to the right)
    • To add to the dropdown list, create a new page with the title you would like to have appear in the dropdown list
      • Once that page is added, it will display on the dropdown once activated
    • After creating the new page, drag and drop the page to its proper location
    • Right click the new page to open the page properties
      • In the “Advanced” tab, click the Redirect arrow
      • Add a redirect target to the appropriate location (illustrated below)
Screen shot of redirect steps in CQ