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eCurriculum Component in CQ Web Authoring System

e curriculum final output

The eCurriculum Component is particularly useful for colleges that want to have a clone of the program listing on their websites. This component will pull the data from eCurriculum and display that information in the format desired.

This method is much more preferable compared to managing such data on the local sites, since this data will update as eCurriculum is updated. This way, all of the information is stored in one place and will remain concurrent with the official information available on eCurriculum.

ECurriculum panel 1

General Setup

The componet has 2 main options, to display a list of all programs in a certain college, choose Full college A-Z list in What to Display. This option will allow you to use the College dropdown to select which college to retrieve data from.

Alternatively, the Selection of Programs option allows you to put PASLA codes into the Programs to Display widget. If you put in only one PASLA code, it will bypass the listing and show only that program.

Select Items from eCurriculum to display

Table Options

Chose any of these options to disable columns in the table. By Default the table output for the list includes the following:

  • Program Name (Cannot be removed)
  • Degree
  • Location
  • Area
Panel 3 of ecurriculum

Program Output Options

The third panel controls the output of the program data. Users have 3 options. 

  • Full Listing will show a preconfigured list of data including the name and description ("What is") of the program, admissions requirements, program details, curriculum, special features and contact info.
  • Mobile Listing will show an abbreviated full listing, leaving out curriculum, special features, admissions requirements, and some program details.
  • Custom Listing allows you to choose which sections of the data to show using the Items for Custom Listing widget


With "Full college A-Z list," "Allied Health," and "Mobile Listing" selected.

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Nutrition Sciences

The goal of the nutrition minor is to provide students in a variety of majors at the University of Cincinnati with a strong foundation of the basic principles of food and nutrition as they pertain to wellness. To fulfill this goal, the minor will prepare students to be able to:

  • explain basic principles of human nutrition;
  • make sound decisions about food to enhance good health;
  • recognize the importance of exercise and fitness as it relates to health and wellness; and
  • demonstrate familiarity with nutritional issues of various life stages.

The nutrition minor program is designed for students interested in health care or those enrolled in a variety of different undergraduate majors that have fulfilled the prerequisites needed to complete the minor curriculum. Students may find the nutrition minor beneficial for broadening future employment opportunities and for improving their personal nutrition, health, and lifestyle outcomes.

The nutrition minor provides students with a strong foundation of the basic principles of nutrition and offers the flexibility to select electives based on their areas of interest.

It is important to note that those obtaining the nutrition minor will not be qualified to provide medical nutrition therapy.

Career Possibilities

The nutrition minor is designed to benefit those preparing to work in medical and health-related professions. Future physicians, nurses, dental professionals, psychologists, researchers, occupational and physical therapists and others will find that the nutrition minor will enable them to become more effective  practitioners. In addition, those who work in corporate wellness, personal training, wellness centers, and fitness facilities will enter the job market with a more well-rounded educational profile that enhances the information and service they provide to their clients. It is important to note that those obtaining the nutrition minor will not be able to do one-on-one counseling in nutrition.

Additional career options are listed on the Center for Exploratory Studies website.



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