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The eProfessional component, in the Lenses group, allows users to duplicated data from eProfessional. This will be particularly useful for colleges who have many faculty and staff members who need to have listings on their websites.

With the eProfessional component, users can display a list of profiles or a single profile. They can pull data for an entire college or a subset, and display a long profile or an abbreviated one (suited for mobile viewing).

eProfessional Panel 1

General Settings

There are two main options:

  • Group Listing, corresponds to the Group Options field set. There, users enter the group code of the area they want to pull data from (view list of all codes). Then, a user can select the output type, either by choosing an A-Z list, or by splitting the data further down into groups.
  • Selection/Single Profile uses the Selection Options group, where users manually input a selection of 6+2's for people they want to retrieve data for. If a single 6+2 is entered, the list if bypassed and that profile is retrieved.

Eprofessional Panel 2

Ordering Options

Users have 2 display format options for individual profiles:

  • Full Listing displays a picture, name, contact info, educational experience and a listing of scholarly publications and achievements.
  • Mobile Listing displays a picture, name, and contact info.


"Group Listing," "CECH.Arlitt" for "Group Code," "Sort in Groups," and "Full Listing" selected.

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Andrea Cefalo

Title: Program Coordinator
Office: 1147 EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center
Tel: 513-556-2478

Andrea Cefalo is the Family and Community Partnerships Coordinator for the Child Development Program at the Arlitt Child and Family Research and Education Center. Her educational background is rooted in early childhood education with a focus on families and social work. Andrea has more than 20 years experience working with families and children as a home care provider, toddler and preschool teacher, childbirth educator, and family advocate. She has presented numerous workshops on the family partnership agreement protocol she developed to monitor self-selected goals for all Head Start families. In June, 2011, she received training to teach the Active Parenting Now series of parenting classes. She is a mother of three and a professional vocalist.